Water Quality Testing

When buying or selling your Maryland home, complete a thorough examination of your house by having the quality of the water tested. Avoid any unknown surprises and request a quote now when you call Red Carpet Home Inspections at (888) 559-1939.

Why Have Your Water Tested?

Water Quality Testings for Brandywine Homes

Regardless of the age of your home, your tap water could be tainted with impurities, making it unsafe for drinking, bathing, and cooking. There are several sources of contamination, including naturally occurring chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides seeping into the water supply, and malfunctioning wastewater treatment practices. Corrupted water can cause health issues like gastrointestinal problems and neurological disorders.

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Testing Your Water for Lead

Your Maryland home water supply will be tested using our detailed and thorough lead testing process:

Take water samples and ship them to a third-party lab

Receive results within 24 hours of testing

Recommend filtration if a concern is discovered

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Request a quote for water quality testing when you call (888) 559-1939. We gladly serve Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., with all of our specialized inspections including well and septic inspections, radon testing, thermal imaging assessments, termites and WDI inspections, lead testing, and more.

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