Thermal Imaging Inspections

Since 2018, Red Carpet Home Inspections has been conducting thermal imaging assessments in Maryland and surrounding communities. We provide several specialized inspections for both homeowners and commercial property owners. Schedule now when you call us at (888) 559-1939.

What Makes Us Different?

Thermal Imaging Inspections in Brandywine Maryland

As a professional home and commercial property inspection company, we focus on educating our clients so they can make the right property purchase decision for themselves and their families. We have over 20 years of experience in construction, home remodeling, and commercial building engineering, so we are more than qualified to inspect your home or business. With a reputation for integrity in all we do, you can trust our team to provide an objective assessment of your home or commercial building.

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Benefits of Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging provides a safe and non-destructive solution for detecting moisture, mold and structural concerns. We can thoroughly scan walls, floors, and ceilings to detect deficiencies like missing structural components, energy loss, rodent infestations, ventilation malfunctions, and variations in electrical currents. We can also identify:

Differences in temperature

Water leaks or moisture intrusion

Heat loss around door frames and windows

Thermal Imaging Experts in Maryland

Call Red Carpet Home Inspections today at (888) 559-1939 to request a quote for our thermal imaging, home maintenance, well and septic, pool and spa, and many other home inspections in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. areas.

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